Committee Meeting Notes – July 2017

Mentoring and Professional Development Committee

By Michelle Coutu

  • Moving in to the 2017/2018 year pairing will be completed by a pairing committee which will allow regional directors more time to provide support to established mentoring pairs.
  • Look for new pairing connections to be made this fall after all participants complete their surveys due July 28.
  • Planning for AIHce 2018 has begun! Ideas for 2018 include
    • Collaborating with the Career and Employment Services Committee and Communication Committee on a session on communication and etiquette in the modern age
    • Continuing our successful sessions based on our favorite leadership books.


Student and Early Career Professional Committee

By Michelle Coutu

  • Nina Townsend joined our call to talk about the Social Concerns Committee and Ionizing Radiation Committee.
  • The Social Concerns Committee is committed to bringing awareness and change fobloodr high risk worker populations with collaboration with environmental justice and social justice movement. The sponsor the popular Upton Sinclair Lecture and the documentary screening at AIHce every year. This year’s film Blood on the Mountain (2016) can be found on Netflix.
  • The Ionizing Radiation is a technical committee that provides resources and expertise for AIHA members. The committee is made up of members representing industry and regulatory agencies with the common goal of educating and protecting worker health from ionizing radiation.
  • The committee reviewed our 2017 AIHce offerings and has begun looking ahead to AIHce 2018.
    • Suggestions and ideas to improve our presence at the First Timers Breakfast and Table Top Talks is welcome.
    • New potential session topics include,
    • A Beginner’s Guide to…[Insert topic],
    • IH and middle level management,
    • Mistakes and blunders we all make [to include a section on technical writing].

Committee Updates

SECP Outreach:

The SECP Outreach Group members have each been challenged to find and reach out to one school in which to conduct the “Safety Matters” curriculum. The group is hoping to present the material to the schools by the end of the calendar year.  Team member Laurie Vivekanand is working with the AIHA Eastern Upstate NY Chapter in Albany to coordinate various aspect of Outreach among the constituency of high schools and colleges within their area. Finally, AIHA member Richard Hirsch has reached out to the group as part of a consortium of California AIHA local sections that are trying to push the “Talking Safety” curricula into the state of California educational system.  Outreach group members who are California-based and are interested in helping out should contact Andrew Burgie.

CIH Prep:

The group is currently collecting feedback from team members on drafted survey questions about connecting mentors and mentees. The survey will then be sent out to team members’ local sections, allowing for the creation of mentor/mentee pairs that are local to one another. The group is potentially aiming to distribute the survey this fall, to allow for matches to be made before the Spring 2017 exam window.

Update by Pam Dopart

AIHF 2016 Scholarship Accepting Applications

Are you a student studying IH or a related field?

The American Industrial Hygiene Foundation has scholarships available for students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

One application qualifies you for up to 30 scholarship opportunities!

AIHF web page
Learn more about applying and eligibility!

AIHA Ignites YouTube

By Michelle Coutu
Were you too late to get a seat at this year’s Ignite session? Maybe you were double (or triple!) booked for meetings and were unable to attend. Don’t worry! AIHA has you covered, all 16 of this year’s Ignite presentations are now ayt logovailable on YouTube (in fact you can watch ALL the past AIHA Ignite sessions on YouTube). You can find the videos by visiting this link or by searching google for “AIHA Ignite 2015”).
The Ignite presentation style was formalized by a couple of technology innovators, and the first ignite session took place in Seattle in 2006. The format is simple, one speaker is given 5 minutes to present on any topic they are most passionate about. The catch is presenters are limited to 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds (no clicker needed for this presentation!). This style forces presenter to bring thoughtful, high energy ideas to their presentations that immediately engage and entertain their audiences. While primarily developed to get audiences excited about new ideas, the style has also been adapted for education purposes. Many groups now use this format for their safety moments before meetings or as an introduction to a boarder topic. To learn more about the Ignite presentation style check out:

ignite logoSince 2012 AIHA has been hosting an Ignite session at the annual AIHce. The first year eight brave participants stepped up to explore this new medium and show their passion for IH. This year 16 speakers put together presentations and shared their triumphs, failures, learnings, and hopes about their professional lives. Each presentation brings a unique and personal touch to the profession while building a strong sense of community. This has been a standing room only event since it began and YouTube is an excellent platform for ensuring all that want to ignite their passion for IH can catch that spark.

Spotlight on a Sessions

By Justin Klavan
We here on the Communications Team thought it import to spotlight certain sessions during the AIHce that we are particularly proud of and we thought deserved some attention. This issue, we wanted to make sure to focus on the Mentoring Committee’s session (arranged by Melissa Rupert) The Mentoring Circle: A 360 Degree View of Mentoring Programs and Relationships. The session was well attended and showcased the key aspects of mentoring and being a mentee. Particularly insightful for myself was the presentation of a mentee, who detailed how the relationship affected her and her career. As a mentor myself, it definitely gave me pause to remember how my actions can influence my mentees and how helpful just a simple phone call can be.

“It was very successful, presentations on how to be a better mentor, how to be a better mentee, how to mentor multiple mentees, a pair presented perspectives on their relationship together.”
~Melissa Rupert


In the coming issues, we will be spotlighting some other SECP sessions from AIHce 2015!