Reader’s Review: Brain Rules

brain rulesBy Michelle Coutu

John Median, a developmental molecular biologist, was the closing keynote speaker at the American Industrial Hygiene conference and exposition (AIHce) 2017. He spoke of how we can build better teams using our current knowledge of brain science. Even with his energetic presentation style and fast talking, it is impossible to fit a comprehensive summary of the current body knowledge on brain science into 60 minutes. Good thing he wrote a book to expand upon this topic!

Originally published in 2008 John Median has continued to update and revise his bestselling book Brain Rules. The book is broken down into twelve sections that take deep dives into how and why our brains developed to their current state, as well as practicable applications. ­The twelve sections include: Survival, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Wiring, Attention, Memory, Sensory Integration, Vision, Music, Gender, and Exploration. If you have read similar type books, like the Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, some of the examples and research may be familiar to you, however the author frames the material in a fun and light way that it reinforce previous learning without feeling redundant. (See brain rule #5 Memory, repeat to remember).
As we grow and mature in our careers, it is helpful to pause for a moment and check in and evaluate ourselves. Self-reflection allows us to learn from experiences and build emotional intelligent. Skills that are critical for managers and leaders. This book provides an opportunity to practice and strengthen these abilities in a manner that doesn’t feel like chore. It is an informative light read that provides significant insight in to who we are and why we do what we do.

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