Committee Updates

SECP Outreach:

The SECP Outreach Group members have each been challenged to find and reach out to one school in which to conduct the “Safety Matters” curriculum. The group is hoping to present the material to the schools by the end of the calendar year.  Team member Laurie Vivekanand is working with the AIHA Eastern Upstate NY Chapter in Albany to coordinate various aspect of Outreach among the constituency of high schools and colleges within their area. Finally, AIHA member Richard Hirsch has reached out to the group as part of a consortium of California AIHA local sections that are trying to push the “Talking Safety” curricula into the state of California educational system.  Outreach group members who are California-based and are interested in helping out should contact Andrew Burgie.

CIH Prep:

The group is currently collecting feedback from team members on drafted survey questions about connecting mentors and mentees. The survey will then be sent out to team members’ local sections, allowing for the creation of mentor/mentee pairs that are local to one another. The group is potentially aiming to distribute the survey this fall, to allow for matches to be made before the Spring 2017 exam window.

Update by Pam Dopart


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