S.M.A.R.T Goals

By Jennifer Sheffer

There are many resources available that provide insight on how to set and attain goals. While there are hints of George T. Doran’s S.M.A.R.T. goals in most of the resources, you may find using your strengths in a realistic manner will work for you.


Let’s briefly explore why most people fail when it comes to reaching their goals or resolutions.  Most of us create resolutions or goals that force us to break habits or traits, which, we naively find out the hard way, take a great amount of effort. So my friends, why aren’t you setting goals or resolutions that use your strengths? For example, perhaps you are proficient in Microsoft Excel, so why not set the goal to help two other people, within six months, in your work group, how to utilize certain features to produce a more efficient method to complete a work task. Your goal is specific, measurable, and by helping others you may improve the productivity of your work group. Harvard Business Review article, “Make Your Work Resolutions Stick” by Rebecca Knight from December 29, 2014 may help you on your journey.

Using the Microsoft Excel example, did you notice that it was vanilla yet has the potential to yield great rewards? The goal is realistic. (From 101 Ways to Stand Out at Work. By Arthur D. Rosenberg) Try doing a little soul searching before setting your goals to overcome your delusions of grandeur. Honestly, if you have little to no work experience is it realistic to set the goal to become CEO of the company within a year of starting your professional career? Or, if the farthest you have ever run is a mile, does setting the goal to complete a marathon in two months sound like it will end well? The good news is you’re already awesome; just be honest with yourself, and use your resources to help you achieve your goals.

Aside from sage advice from experts to leverage your strengths, be honest with yourself, and use your resources, there are many practical tools available to help you on your path to greatness. Michael Hyatt (author, blogger, speaker, and former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers) provides a review of a few apps in his online article, “7 apps to help you achieve your goals and build new habits: How to turn your intentions into actions and accomplish what matters most to you.”

You have the know-how and tools to attain your goals, so quit reading this newsletter and make things happen!


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