AIHA Volunteer Group Spotlight: Computer Applications Committee

By John Campbell

Computer applications are an integral part of our personal and work life. They offer power and efficiency to help us live better and work smarter. The industrial hygiene profession relies on the latest technology to further advance our work and the profession.  It is this technology that provides us the ability to efficiently maintain access, interpret and trend critical data needed for informed decision making.


Computer applications used in the industrial hygiene profession range from cloud-based data management systems, to advanced statistical tools and mobile apps.  The importance of computer applications continue to gain further traction in our profession, in fact ‘Big Data’ is one of AIHA’s six big picture priorities.


The AIHA Computer Applications Committee is committed to providing valuable resources and support to the industrial hygiene community as it relates to successful integration and use of computer applications. Participation as an active member of the committee offers a tremendous educational experience and the opportunity to network with peers and technical experts while contributing to the advancement of this important element of our profession.


For more information regarding joining the AIHA Computer Applications committee, please contact


Chair: John Campbell




Secretary: Monica Melkonian



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