Mentoring Corner: Discussion Topics – NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations

By Tim Paz

The mentoring pair should read the NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation entitled, “Evaluation of Health Effects of a Chlorine Gas Release in a Poultry Processing Plant –– Arkansas.”   

What were your impressions of the report?  Do you agree with the findings?  Does your facility/organization have literacy or language considerations in terms of labeling of chemicals and signage?  Are there any takeaways/lessons learned from this report that you can apply to your organization?


The mentoring pair may wish to find another HHE that is more applicable to their place of employment or interests.  Use the “Search HHE Reports” utility to find another HHE for this month’s 1:1.  You can search using any key word or phrase.  For example, by entering “police lead”, you will get 20 results based on this particular search criteria.  Have a meaningful discussion about the HHE.  What did NIOSH do as part of this HHE?  What were the findings?  What can employers and workers do to mitigate the hazards recognized?


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