Spotlight on a Sessions

By Justin Klavan
We here on the Communications Team thought it import to spotlight certain sessions during the AIHce that we are particularly proud of and we thought deserved some attention. This issue, we wanted to make sure to focus on the Mentoring Committee’s session (arranged by Melissa Rupert) The Mentoring Circle: A 360 Degree View of Mentoring Programs and Relationships. The session was well attended and showcased the key aspects of mentoring and being a mentee. Particularly insightful for myself was the presentation of a mentee, who detailed how the relationship affected her and her career. As a mentor myself, it definitely gave me pause to remember how my actions can influence my mentees and how helpful just a simple phone call can be.

“It was very successful, presentations on how to be a better mentor, how to be a better mentee, how to mentor multiple mentees, a pair presented perspectives on their relationship together.”
~Melissa Rupert


In the coming issues, we will be spotlighting some other SECP sessions from AIHce 2015!


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