MPDC Board and Director Positions Open!

Hello MPDC members!!!

The MPDC needs your help!!!! We STILL have several positions opening up that we need to fill in order to keep the Mentoring Program going.  Don’t be shy! If not you, then who?


We need a new Secretary that will take office after AIHce 2015 in Salt Lake.  The Secretary position is eligible to attend the Leadership Conference hosted by AIHA every year.  The person filling this position will be required to attend monthly telecons in order to take, and submit, Minutes to the group (and upload to our Sharepoint server).  This position is part of the leadership cycle and the individual will also serve terms as Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair. 


Assistant Directors

We have 3 Assistant Director positions opening up following AIHce.  The Assistant Director position is a 2-year term and will assist the Director in matching participants, communicating with existing pairs to ensure they are happy in their relationships, submitting data to AIHA to be entered into our database, and working with local sections in the Region to assist both mentors and mentees.  This position is part of the Director cycle and the individual will also serve a term as Director for their respective Region (also a 2-year term).  This is an excellent position to help build your communication skills and your Network – think of all the people you’ll meet!!!  Living in the below Regions is not a requirement to serving as an Assistant Director in that Region, although it is helpful.





I ask that you please seriously consider putting your name in for one of these positions.  The program can’t continue without them!!  If you’re interested, please send me an email or give me a call to let me know of your interest no later than Wednesday, 4/1.

Thank you so much!



AIHF Local Section Competition Fun Run at AIHce 2015

New to this year’s AIHF Fun Run will be a Local Section Competition. Click on the link for more details!

Local Section Competition 2015!