SECP Liaison Sessions

By Jennifer Sheffer and Carter Ficklen

With so many opportunities to volunteer, deciding which group to join can be overwhelming for new AIHA members. During 2014 and carrying into 2015, the SECP integrated overviews from various committee members, which has been very well received by the SECP members. More specifically, the high impact overviews have provided SECP members with various committee’s objective, duties, and chance to ask questions. SECP members are better informed to make a decision to volunteer, and they have an overall improved understanding of the many committees.

SECP members have had the opportunity to hear from the following committees:

Respiratory Protection Committee  Steve Graham

Management Committee – Scott Larson

Real Time Detection Committee – Terri Pearce

Career and Employment Services – Richard Prodans

International Affairs Committee – Richard Hirsh

Noise Committee – Carl Johnson

Consulting Committee – Alden Strealy

Publications Committee – Corey Wooland

Nanotechnology Working Group (NTWG) – Jennifer Dimitri and Chuck Geraci

If you have any questions or wondering how you can get involved, contact Christina Elish at


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