Tech Corner: Check out the The Young Occupational Hygienist Blog!

By Michelle Coutu

Google ‘industrial hygiene blog’ and you will find one of the top hits is The Young Occupational Hygienist. Started in January of 2014, Sydney, Australia resident Kate Cole has been blogging about her journey as an occupational hygienist.

Along the way, she spotlights other colleagues and cooperating guest bloggers in a weekly feature titled “The Young Hygienist Snapshot.”

Both features offer a unique vehicle to highlight the multifaceted perspectives of being an industrial hygienist and the challenges we all face (including explaining what an occupational hygienist does!).

In a field that can sometimes be isolating it is comforting to know that there are others sharing in the same obstacles and unique experiences as ourselves.

If you are not one of her 683 followers, then I suggest you head over to and become one! Kate can also be found on twitter @younghygienist promoting #occupationalhygiene as the #bestjobintheworld and documenting her adventures meeting #hygienegods.




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