Mentoring Corner: Meet your newly elected Mentoring and Professional Development Committee leadership team!

The Mentoring Project Team is now recognized by AIHA as its own committee. Elections were held for following leadership positions: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Regional Directors have not changed. Meet the leadership team!

Chair- Melissa Rupert

Melissa led the Mentoring Project Team since its inception in 2008, and with the help of others, the project team transformed into a formal AIHA Committee. She is also the Secretary of the Students and Early Career Professionals Committee and the Treasurer of the Ohio Valley Local Section. In Melissa’s spare time, she loves taking photos of her new baby boy, dabbles in pottery, and enjoys tent camping. As the first Chairperson for the Mentoring and Professional Development Committee, she is undoubtedly going to provide the leadership needed to ensure the committee is a success!

Vice Chair- Nicole Greeson

Nicole has been an active member of the Student and Early Career Professional Committee since 2007 and joined Melissa and Chrissy Hoehn as one of the first three members of the Mentoring Project Team. She played an integral role in growing the Mentoring Project Team into its current state. In addition to her role in the Mentoring Project Team, she served as the South Regional Director from 2011-2014. Nicole is dedicated to the committee’s controlled expansion strategy that has been successfully executed over the past few years.

Secretary- Christina Elish

Since 2011, Christina has actively participated on several projects and taken on leadership roles within the Mentoring and Professional Development Committee. She first became involved with the Mentoring Project Team as a liaison between the Student and Early Career Professional and industrial hygiene students. Christina helped drive interest and enthusiasm within the student community by promoting the mentoring project at several student events. This in turn helped to grow the program and build strong relationships between mentors and mentees that we continue to experience today.



November Project Team Updates

The SECP is proud to announce that once again, we had multiple roundtable sessions accepted for presentation at AIHce 2015 in Salt Lake City! We are looking forward to offering these roundtables, which will demonstrate broad perspectives for those entering the IH field, studying for the CIH exam, or just interested in learning more about the diversity of IH work. The titles and respective arranges are:

accepted rts

More updates on AIHce 2015 will be captured in the next newsletter. See you in Salt Lake City!


Tech Corner: Check out the The Young Occupational Hygienist Blog!

By Michelle Coutu

Google ‘industrial hygiene blog’ and you will find one of the top hits is The Young Occupational Hygienist. Started in January of 2014, Sydney, Australia resident Kate Cole has been blogging about her journey as an occupational hygienist.

Along the way, she spotlights other colleagues and cooperating guest bloggers in a weekly feature titled “The Young Hygienist Snapshot.”

Both features offer a unique vehicle to highlight the multifaceted perspectives of being an industrial hygienist and the challenges we all face (including explaining what an occupational hygienist does!).

In a field that can sometimes be isolating it is comforting to know that there are others sharing in the same obstacles and unique experiences as ourselves.

If you are not one of her 683 followers, then I suggest you head over to and become one! Kate can also be found on twitter @younghygienist promoting #occupationalhygiene as the #bestjobintheworld and documenting her adventures meeting #hygienegods.



Future Leadership Institute (FLI)

By Kerry Schmid

I had the great privilege to be a part of the Future Leadership Institute (FLI) hosted by AIHA. I first would like to thank AIHA, the FLI advisory board and all the sponsors; without all of you, this event could have not happened.

This event was facilitated by Jeffery Cufaud and through him, our group of 35 learned valuable lessons in leadership, engagement and how to grow ourselves and our profession.

I left this event with a stronger understanding on what drives my passion of industrial hygiene and how I can continue that passion throughout my career. At FLI we explored our strengths and weakness and how to grow our leadership style.

During one of the sessions, we watched a TedX Talk by Simon Sinek. This video has left an impression on how I tackle and approach goals, problems and teams. Check out his book and the TED video link below!

Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”


Kate Cole, a FLI graduate, wrote in her blog, The Young Occupational Hygienist about her experience.

“I was inspired to take on new challenges and to engage others on that journey. I learned how to be a better listener and how to go about a better way of doing things by having a greater appreciation of how others may view the situation at hand. I was motivated to continue to do my best to promote our profession given the many people who came up to personally thank me for getting this blog started and for offering their feedback and suggestions, and assistance in the future (thanks for the support!).”

I encourage all my fellow FLI graduates to talk about your experience with other young professionals in our field.