Spotlight on AIHA Management Committee

On our last call we spoke with Scott Larson Chair of the AIHA Management Committee. He shared with us his story of how he became involved in the committee and how they helped him grow in his professional career.

The mission of the Management Committee is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information about the application of management principles to occupational and environmental health programs; to identify, develop, and promote strategies that further integrate the occupational and environmental health professional into the management team.

To accomplish this mission they assemble, evaluate, and disseminate to occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to management techniques useful in occupational and environmental health programs and activities.

To learn more about the specific objectives of the Management Committee check out their Volunteer Group page here.

Scott also informed us that each year, Management Committee is looking for student posters on management topics, however, they have never been able to award one due to lack of applicable posters.

To learn more or to join the Management Committee contact Scott at


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