SECP’s First Learning Call!

Thanks to everyone that attended the first SECP Learning Call on August 18. Kim Merritt, a  Radiation and Laser Safety Officer at Langley for NASA gave a great presentation on what you should know about  Ionizing/Non-Ionizing Radiation.

The recorded presentation can be viewed at until September 1.

A downloadable version of the presentation will also be posted to the SECP Volunteer Community page (via after September 1 or by contacting Thursa La ( or Chrissy Hoehn (


SECP Aug 18 Meeting Recap

We were pleased to have three AIHA committees represented and update us on the projects they are working on.

All the committees are open to new members and look forward to any questions and comments you may have.


Richard Hirsh ( from the International Affairs Committee (IAC) informed us that the IAC primarily works through partnerships with other international organizations to asset with IH technical issues and raise exposure risk awareness. They have successfully collaborated with The Children’s Task force to publish a paper on community lead exposure and control techniques using examples from Kazakhstan and Nigeria.  They have just received funding to develop projects focusing on bissinosis in India, lead battery exposure in Kenya, an silica exposure during gold mining in Tanzania. Other notable partnerships include Workplace Health Without Borders, SKC, and Occupational Health Training Association.


To learn more about the IAC committee check out their volunteer group page at:


Terri Pearce ( from the Real-Time Detection Systems Committee (RTDSC) described the need for comprehensive instrument use training and data interpretation from real time detection systems. The RTDSC provides a one-day training via AIHA to complement a registry and exam that allows people to register as competent users of real-time detection systems. They also published a book for real-time detection and developed a template for manufactures to use to standardize their specification sheets for instruments. Currently the committee is reaching out to other committees and investigating new and upcoming technologies such as sensor technology for nanoparticles.


To learn more about the Real-Time Detection Systems Committee check out their volunteer group page at:


Richard Prodan ( from the Career and Employment Services Committee (CESC) updated us on their plan to grow the committee beyond their offerings at conference. Their goal is to continue promoting the IH profession and providing opportunities for IH community. Currently they have three subcommittees that focus on professional development, communication, and collaborating with other committees such as SECP.


To learn more about the Career and Employment Services Committee check out their volunteer group page at:


Special thanks to Melissa Rupert for the meeting minutes.

Spotlight on AIHA Management Committee

On our last call we spoke with Scott Larson Chair of the AIHA Management Committee. He shared with us his story of how he became involved in the committee and how they helped him grow in his professional career.

The mission of the Management Committee is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information about the application of management principles to occupational and environmental health programs; to identify, develop, and promote strategies that further integrate the occupational and environmental health professional into the management team.

To accomplish this mission they assemble, evaluate, and disseminate to occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to management techniques useful in occupational and environmental health programs and activities.

To learn more about the specific objectives of the Management Committee check out their Volunteer Group page here.

Scott also informed us that each year, Management Committee is looking for student posters on management topics, however, they have never been able to award one due to lack of applicable posters.

To learn more or to join the Management Committee contact Scott at