SECP Goes Digital!

By Michelle Coutu

As more and more of our lives go online so does the Students and Early Career Professionals Committee (SECP)! The SECP Mentoring Group has kicked off our social media communications by reaching out to mentors and mentees on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. But as our committee grows, so must our online presence. We are expanding to include a SECP specific Blog, Facebook, and Twitter account.

But posting the latest news and Wise Words Wednesdays quotes isn’t enough, and we need your help!

We’ve created these spaces for you to share and discuss your ideas and projects. Of course we can tell you all about how SECP is partnering with the Fellow SIG to promote the IH profession to students and young adults, or how we are already planning insightful and relevant roundtables for the AIHce in 2015. We could do all the talking, but we would rather listen to you! We want to hear about how you’re participating in your local section or what new project you think SECP should be working on.

As students and early career professionals we know that no one can do it alone. We all learn from each other and depend on each other to sort thought the difficult challenges of establishing ourselves in our profession. Social media is a unique platform that we can use to support each other no matter where we are or where we go.


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